Weekly Group Mentorship

Picture this - sipping your coffee (or tea, we don't discriminate!), surrounded by a diverse group of fierce women all diving deep into the teachings of the Bible. We'll ROAR together as we learn, grow, and navigate life's challenges, supporting each other like the powerful lionesses we are!

FB Community

Ever felt like you needed a squad that really gets you, where you can be your authentic self? Look no further! Our ROAR community is a judgment-free zone filled with incredible women who lift each other up, encourage growth, and share in life's triumphs. You'll find lifelong friendships and a sisterhood that'll make you go "ROAR!"

ROAR Gatherings

As part of the ROAR family, you'll get access to gatherings designed to bring our community together for in-person fellowship, delicious food, and uplifting worship. It's a time when we strengthen bonds, share our journeys, and celebrate with an unforgettable ROAR.